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Perks & Benefits

Other than working with talented and sharp-minded colleagues as well as renowned and recognized companies in Stockholm, here at Diabol you would also take advantage of all the perks and benefits listed below. 

  • Annual Conference Trips

    Well maybe not right now😢, but every year we like to spend some time away from the office and refresh with some new scenery. These trips allow team members to get know each other, bond over outdoor activities, and share visionary ideas. Previous trips we have made: 🏄🏽‍♀️surfing in Biarritz, 🎿skiing Swiss Alps, ⛵️sailing in Croatia, 🧗🏼‍♂️canyoning and hiking in Lake Como, and many other awesome destinations!

  • Education Budget

    Diabol values personal growth in all of our employees. Each year every person at Diabol has an allocated budget of 20,000 SEK to spend on various forms of education. Like taking that Kubernetes course or maybe a AWS or GCP certificate. Or it could be that hot new conference in Las Vegas that you need to check out! 🤩

  • Wellness Budget

    We think a that an annual budget to help promote the health of all employees is super important. You can use this for a 🏋🏼‍♂️gym membership, 🧘🏾‍♀️Yoga classes, 🏸playing badminton with your friends, or any other costs associated with fitness and exercise. We believe in a healthy balance between work and time off.

  • Top Technology

    When joining the team, you will have the option to select your favorite hardware for the job. This can include the newest Macbook Pro bundled with a new iPhone or that hot new PC to go with the new sweet Samsung modell that you have been checking out – or something similar of your choosing. We give you the opportunity to be productive from day one with the right tech!

  • Pension

    Well maybe not as sexy as the latest hardware but we think we can all agree that planning for your pension is a must for most people. We set off a good amount of money every month to your pension account so you can enjoy that 5-year sail trip around the world or that good life in Costa Rica where you surf-sleep-repeat. When you have reached that certain age all those things can be financed by a solid pension that you continuously built throughout your carreer.



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